Revolutionizing Speed and Safety with Vittoria Tires

This season, Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team partnered with Vittoria Tires in a quest for better performance and reliability both at races and during training. 

29 May 2024.
@Moises Aguilera

As we look to push the boundaries of speed while prioritizing the safety of our cyclists, Vittoria has equipped our Pro and Conti teams with a robust fleet of tires to revolutionize the racing experience. No matter the parcours or road surface, the three Vittoria tire models we use guarantee our riders will enjoy unparalleled efficiency.

For racing, Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team relies on three standout models: the Vittoria Corsa PRO, the Vittoria Corsa PRO Speed, and the Vittoria Corsa PRO Control.

Vittoria Corsa PRO

The Vittoria Corsa PRO is a premium racing tire that provides sublime cornering grip, both in wet and dry conditions. It boasts reinforced puncture resistance, thanks to its robust rubber featuring the Graphene + and Silica 2C compound. With minimized rolling resistance and punchy responsiveness in the center strip, it’s also fortified against sidewall cuts.

“For all-round racing, the Vittoria Corsa PRO is a solid choice as it presents low resistance and high grip. We mainly use the 28mm and 30mm, but for races with a high percentage of cobblestones, we have the option to use the 32mm, which we then fit with inserts,” says Pim Heemskerk, mechanic at Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team.


Vittoria Corsa PRO Speed

Tailored for time trials and triathlons, the Vittoria Corsa PRO Speed is the go-to tire for ultimate performance and speed. It’s an ultra-light tire with super low rolling resistance that maximizes speed, grip, and control, ensuring faster times and smoother rides.

“My favorite tire is the Vittoria Corsa PRO Speed because they are the fastest and most specialized tire Vittoria has for the time-trial. Every time I’ve done tests with this tire, I’ve seen a substantial difference in speed compared to the rest. We can run really low-pressure nomads with the tubeless, which means we can get more grip in the rainy TTs, and you can take bigger risks in the downhills without losing performance,” explains Xabier Mikel Azparren.

The fast men in our squad also rate this model highly as it provides them with the best competitive edge in sprinting races.

“Honestly, my favorite Vittoria tires are the Corsa PRO Speed in 28mm. Normally these are specific time trial tires, but we also use them on the road racing. I really like them because they are super fast, but at the same time, they are pretty smooth. It delivers a great compromise between speed and comfort, especially in tricky finals when you have to bend your bike a lot, so it’s critical to have tires with good grip, and this model delivers on all fronts,” says Italian sprinter Matteo Moschetti.

While the Vittoria Corsa PRO Speed is a staple favorite of both our sprinters and time-trial specialists, our general classification riders with a strong climbing pedigree also gravitate towards this highly efficient tire, which cuts no corners and delivers enhanced performance in a wide range of racing scenarios.

“I must say the Vittoria Corsa PRO Speed in 28mm is a phenomenal tire and the one I enjoy racing on the most. It’s the fastest in their strong collection of tires while still providing grip and longevity for racing,” attests Australian Damien Howson.

Vittoria Corsa PRO Control

When the weather conditions are extra challenging and the terrain is punishing, as in the French Pavé or chalky Strade Bianche gravel, Vittoria has the ultimate solution with the Corsa PRO Control tire. This model showcases additional grip for rain-soaked tarmac, coarse gravel, and treacherous cobblestone pavements. It also has increased puncture protection and is engineered to withstand even the most grueling racing terrains while ensuring reduced rolling resistance.

“The Vittoria Corsa PRO Control is made of the same compound as the Corsa PRO but with extra protection. We use this tire in races with gravel, like Strade Bianche, for example. This model is normally set up with inserts. We use it both in 30mm and 32mm,” explains Heemskerk.

In addition to the three core racing models above, Vittoria has also equipped our team with a fleet of Vittoria Corsa N.EXT tires, which are used mainly for training as they have a longer lifetime and greater puncture resistance. The riders have the option to ride this tire in 28mm and 30mm, depending on their preference.

Discover the full range of performance and training tires from Vittoria here.