Keeping the Wheels Turning with Zipp

At Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team, we are privileged to have Zipp wheels to elevate our bike setup for training and racing alike. These cutting-edge wheels elevate our training and racing setups to new heights.

With a collection of seven different Zipp wheel models, we’re equipped to conquer any terrain at lightning speed and unmatched safety.

4 July 2024.
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From the feather-light, shallow-rim 353 NSW to the aerodynamic powerhouse of the 858 NSW, join us as we explore our Zipp arsenal and discover how our riders achieve competitive excellence.

In his 14th season as a pro, Gianluca Brambilla has witnessed the evolution of racing equipment and is quick to admit that his wheels have never turned faster than with Zipp:

“I feel that the wheel and tire setup we have at the team is fantastically fast and reliable. The Vittoria tires complement the Zipp wheels perfectly, and this is the fastest combo I’ve ever had on a bike as a professional cyclist.”

Former European and Italian National Champion Giacomo Nizzolo is thrilled to finally be part of the Zipp family. The incredible aerodynamics paired with reliability and superior handling have made the Italian rider an unapologetic fan of the sturdy rims.


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“When I saw that the team was using Zipp wheels, I was really happy because historically Zipp has always made great wheels. It’s an honor to ride them this season for the first time. I really enjoy training and racing on them,” said Nizzolo.

Let’s spin our team’s Zipp wheel wagon, explain their standout features, and reveal the riders’ favorite models from our fleet:



Zipp 454 NSW: The Ultimate All-Rounder

Zipp’s 454 NSW Tubeless Disc-brake is the ultimate road racing wheelset and a favorite among our squad throughout the racing season. Why? Because it delivers everything a performance cyclist demands. With its 58mm Sawtooth rim shape and Hyperfoil nodes, it’s aerodynamically efficient and stable in all wind conditions. The design ensures top aero and crosswind stability performance. Its wider rim, designed for tubeless tires at lower pressure, reduces rolling resistance and vibration damping, ensuring our riders lose as little energy as possible during races.

For Giacomo Nizzolo, being fast on the bike is paramount, and the Zipp 454 NSW is his wheel of choice:

For a rider like myself, the 454 NSW is a great choice for all races, not just the sprint ones. The wheels are stiff but have great handling. They are comfortable going downhill, and uphill they also perform well since they’re not significantly heavier than the 353,” said Nizzolo.


Nizzolo racing on the Zipp 454 NSW @SprintCycling
Scott Foil RC fited with Zipp 454 NSW

The all-rounder characteristics of the 454 NSW, particularly the aero gains, have made it a wheel of choice among the sprinters and climbers in our squad alike. Gianluca Brambilla is a new convert:

This season, I’ve used the 454s 95% of the time during races. With the speeds that we’re doing, the wheel choice has a big impact. At high speeds, the deeper wheels are faster. It’s slightly heavier than the 353 NSW, which for a climber like myself is a fantastic wheel to have, but the aerodynamic gains make a nice compromise, and I really like to race with it because I feel it’s the overall best choice considering the diversity of race scenarios. My setup of choice for most races is the Zipp 454 paired with 28mm Vittoria tires,” said Brambilla.

Zipp 353 NSW: Climber’s Gambit

The lightest in our fleet of wheels, the 353 NSW, also features the Sawtooth rim shape with Hyperfoils, which optimizes aerodynamic efficiency and crosswind stability. It’s structurally strong but at just 1308 grams, it’s super light, allowing our riders to maintain speed no matter the terrain, especially on steep, punchy inclines. 

The climbers in our squad often resort to using this model, particularly on alpine stages, as did Mark Donovan during this year’s Critérium du Dauphiné where he wore the KOM jersey.

“Obviously, I really like how light the 353 NSW wheels are. They are very nimble and agile and provide great handling on the corners,” said Mark Donovan.

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Donovan on the Zipp 353 NSW @SprintCycling

Zipp 303 FC & Zipp 404 FC: Conquering the Classics

The robust 303 FC is a wheel suited for the classics and their demanding terrain. This versatile 45mm rim profile delivers increased speed and better cornering, control, and comfort. It features the proprietary Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Control (ABLC) that smooths airflow across the rim’s surface to sustain speed across the most punishing terrain, be it gravel, dirt, or cobbles. This was the wheel of choice for our riders in the classics like Paris-Roubaix or Tour of Flanders, where our Polish rider Kamil Małecki finished in the top 20.

The Zipp 404 FC, with its 58mm rim depth, offers stronger aerodynamic characteristics and is available to our riders as an alternative for select races, especially the sprinters’ classics such as Gent-Wevelgem.

“This is such a sturdy wheel! It feels indestructible.”

Zipp 303 S: Premium Training Companion

All riders in our squad have their training Scott Foil bikes fitted with the Zipp 303 S. This is the go-to choice for training wheels due to their versatility, sturdiness, and low rolling resistance. It’s the full package, and our riders put it through the paces on their training rides, both at home and at altitude training camps. The 303 S wheelset maintains its ideal-for-every-terrain 45mm rim depth but adds a significantly wider internal width to provide greater performance and ride quality. It’s fastest with 28mm tires but fits wide gravel tires as well.

“This is such a sturdy wheel! It feels indestructible. It handles the demands of heavy training loads all season and handles all sorts of conditions. It’s stiff but also comfortable. It really is a solid wheel to train on,” said Brambilla.

Joey Rosskopf on the Zipp 858 NSW @SprintCycling

Zipp 858 NSW and Zipp Super 9: Our TT-Specific Wheels

Zipp’s 858 NSW is the ultimate aero weapon, faster than ever, thanks to the proprietary Total System Efficiency technology. With a rim depth of 85mm, the 858 NSW is Zipp’s most advanced and fastest deep-rim wheel for road, triathlon, and time trialing.

“They are incredibly fast and light. It’s also super stable; even when it’s windy, I never go for a shallower wheel because I think this model allows me to go faster and still feel safe,” said former American Time Trial Champion Joey Rosskopf. “It has a wider rim that fits wider tires, which are often faster, with more grip and comfort while still being super aerodynamic.”

The 858 gives you the benefits of deep rims at a weight typically associated with rims that are 20mm shallower. The TT setup is complemented with the Zipp Super 9 Disc, which is used for the rear wheel.