About Us

We’re pro cyclists, challengers and innovative minds, united in our passion for the sport and eager to be #RacingTheFuture.

We believe that the power of the peloton is progress – each stride brings us and the people around us forward.

That’s why we challenge the status quo and embrace our human drive for positive change.

We’re an innovation laboratory, a vehicle for change, and a springboard for talents – we’re Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team, a team with a mission.



We race for more than just winning.
We race for progress and change. 
To move people and performance forward through the power of the peloton.

Our mission of ‘Racing the Future’ – will allow the team to function as a research laboratory and vehicle for change alike, that aims to redefine the future of the sport and its impact on the world.



With progress at heart of who we are, our goal is to shift communities sustainably through the upwards mobility that bikes offer. As a team, we’ll be racing for more than just winning, we’re racing to positively shape the future, with a key focus on mobility, education, and development.

Q36.5 - Cycling - Pro Team



As a team, we’re racing to define the future of cycling. Innovation and progress drive us to challenge the norm, to think beyond the existing. We test, we learn and re-invent. The team is our testing ground for a new generation of RaceWear, so that together, we can bring cycling performance to the next level.



We’re rethinking professional cycling to practice the sport in a sustainable way.

We’re working towards becoming an entirely clima-neutral cycling team by reducing our environmental footprint through numerous efforts and offsetting the remaining footprint with sustainable partner organizations

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