Revolutionizing Speed and Safety with Vittoria Tires

This season, Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team partnered with Vittoria Tires in a quest for better performance and reliability both at races and during training. As we look to push the boundaries of speed while prioritizing the safety of our cyclists, Vittoria has equipped our Pro and Conti teams with a robust fleet of tires to revolutionize the racing experience.

Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team welcomes Vittoria as official tire partner

In a bold move towards environmental stewardship, the Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team is redefining sustainability in professional sports. Our innovative strategy, built on the five pillars of Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Responsible, and Recycle, is transforming the way we approach cycling. From reusing water bottles to reducing our carbon footprint, every step we take is a stride towards a greener future. Discover how we’re not just racing for victory, but also for a sustainable planet.