Introducing the New SRAM RED AXS on Our SCOTT Foil RC

At Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team, we are thrilled to announce a significant upgrade to our equipment, thanks to our fantastic partners, SRAM and Scott. This week, we unveil the new SRAM RED AXS groupset on our Scott Foil RC, taking our performance to unprecedented levels.

15 May
@Scott Bikes

As the world’s most advanced groupset, the new SRAM RED AXS is all about effortless performance and perfection. SRAM has meticulously refined every component to ensure that our riders can give their best, with every ride representing 100% of their effort. This groupset isn’t just the lightest electronic drivetrain available today; it also boasts more comfortable and lower-effort braking, precise shifting, and expanded gearing choices.

Our Scott Foil RC, already renowned for its aerodynamic excellence, just got a whole lot better. The addition of the SRAM RED AXS groupset means our bikes are now lighter than ever, enhancing their agility and speed. The top-of-the-line 12-speed transmission and the effortless braking and shifting redefine what our riders can achieve.

SRAM’s commitment to innovation shines through in every detail. The brake hoods are designed to fit a wide range of hand sizes comfortably, offering independent reach and pad contact adjustment. This ensures no pinching of fingers or bottoming out on the bar, making braking 80% easier from the hoods and 33% easier from the drops. This translates to more power and less hand fatigue for our riders, allowing them to maintain peak performance throughout their rides.

Additionally, the new generation of RED provides faster and more accurate shifting with a slimmer cage for reliable front shifts and auto-trim to prevent noise. The fully wireless connectivity and expanded gearing choices cater to various riding styles and needs, making setup easier than ever.

We are eager to see how this groundbreaking groupset enhances our team’s performance. Stay tuned for more detailed insights and feedback from our riders as they put the new SRAM RED AXS to the test in upcoming races and training sessions.

For now, enjoy these images of our newly equipped Scott Foil RC, and join us in celebrating this exciting advancement in our journey towards #RacingTheFuture