Part 2: The Numbers Behind Our Sustainability Efforts

As part of our ongoing journey towards sustainability, the Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team is dedicated to demonstrating the tangible impact of our efforts. While our commitment has always been strong, we now follow a more formalised action plan to maintain and enhance our #RacingTheFuture mission. The key is to show how small changes, when scaled across multiple teams, lead to impactful environmental benefits.

11 June 2024.

Tour de Suisse Stage 1

Reducing Resource Usage

Our 10-point sustainability plan, which includes initiatives such as using reusable bottles and eco-friendly packaging, has resulted in reductions in our resource usage. Here’s a look at the numbers:

Tin Foil: Traditionally, we used 35 meters of tin foil for a 7-stage race. By switching to paper bags, we’ve eliminated this usage at certain races. Across 200+ race days and considering other teams adopting similar practices, this translates to a potential reduction of 8,400 meters of tin foil annually.

Plastic Bottles: Our shift to personal reusable bottles should significantly cut down our reliance on single-use plastic bottles. Previously, we used around 140 plastic bottles per race. With our new practices, we aim to reduce this by at least 50%, equating to thousands of plastic bottles saved each year.

Water Conservation: By optimizing our laundry practices to only run full loads, we conserve between 40-50 liters of water per cycle, resulting in daily savings of up to 150 liters. Similarly, selective fleet washing reduces water usage by approximately 200 liters per day.

Emissions and Noise Reduction: Solar-Powered Buses

A recent example of our commitment to sustainability comes from our experience at the Tour of Romandie. A local villager expressed frustration about the noise and emissions from team bus generators. We take pride in the fact that our buses are equipped with solar panels, providing up to 4 hours of battery power. This not only reduces emissions but also significantly lowers noise pollution, enhancing the local environment’s quality during events.

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Aligning with UCI Standards

Our efforts align with broader sustainability goals as outlined by the UCI Climate Action Charter, to which we are a proud signatory. This commitment places us among the few teams driving change in professional cycling, aiming to minimize our carbon footprint and promote environmental stewardship across the sport.

Broader Impact and Alignment with Partners

While our sustainability efforts are focused within our team, we are also aligned with the broader goals of our partners. For instance, UBS has been at the forefront of promoting environmental sustainability, and their awareness of sustainable practices has been instrumental in driving our initiatives. A report by UBS highlights the importance of integrating sustainability into business practices, a principle we mirror in our approach to cycling and environmental responsibility.

Learning from the Tour of Luxembourg

In October 2022, the Tour of Luxembourg partnered with a company to measure the carbon emissions of the five-day race. The total emissions were calculated to be 91.1 metric tons of CO₂ equivalent (MT CO₂e), which is equivalent to driving about 226,000 miles in a passenger car, or nine trips around the world. Notably, 84.5% of these emissions were associated with transportation, including travel to and from the race, as well as transportation during the event.

Key insights from this study include:

  • Transportation: 32% of the emissions were related to travel, emphasizing the need for greener travel options. For example, using trains instead of planes reduced one team’s emissions by 1.13 tons.
  • Energy Usage: Shifting from traditional generators to biodiesel generators could save nearly 4 tons of emissions, and replacing helicopters with drones for race coverage could save around 7 tons, reducing the total carbon footprint by nearly 10%.

Supporting the Tour de Suisse Climate Challenge

Building on these insights, we are excited to support the Tour de Suisse Climate Challenge, running from June 9th to June 18th. This initiative invites fans and spectators to help reduce race emissions by replacing car mobility with bicycle rides. Participants can join a team, track their activities via Quambio, and have a chance to win cool prizes.

Supporting this challenge aligns with our commitment to sustainability and helps spread awareness of the environmental impact of professional cycling. It’s a step towards encouraging the entire cycling community to make greener choices and reduce their carbon footprints.

Together, we can make a significant impact on the sport we love and the planet we share. Let’s race towards a greener future by #RacingTheFuture.