Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team: #RacingTheFuture with Sustainability

Professional cycling, like many sports, has its environmental drawbacks. The use of countless single-use plastic water bottles, the carbon footprint of international tours, and the consumption of several resources, particularly water, highlight the need for an ecological overhaul in the sport. Recognizing this, Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team has been committed to making meaningful changes to address these issues for some time.

No matter how small, scaled across 200+ race days and 35 WorldTour and ProTeams, small efforts showcase a massive change.

5 June 2024.

Our rider receiving his recovery drink in a single use plastic bottle after their ITT. This is a norm in the professional peloton. Image @Moises Aguillera

A New Era of Sustainability

Under the stewardship of Gunther Landrie, our Head Carer, Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team has been on a journey of environmental consciousness for over a year. Our commitment to sustainability has evolved into a formal action plan that aligns with our #RacingTheFuture mission and our three pillars of People, Planet, and Performance.

We are proud to also be part of the UCI Climate Action Charter. By joining this charter, we commit to consistently measure our climate footprint, promote bicycle mobility, ensuring climate considerations are factored into our planning, and much more.

Our efforts are in line with some of our partners facilitate green initiatives and promote low-carbon transitions.

We understand that real change starts from within, the key is to highlight the potential impact of changing our habits on achieving larger climate goals.

Our 10-Point Plan for a Greener Future

Reusable Bottles: Every team member will bring their personal reusable bottle to races, eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles. These can be refilled in designated areas, significantly reducing plastic waste.

Eco-Friendly Packaging: We are replacing tin foil with paper bags for lunches and sandwiches, minimizing our reliance on non-recyclable materials.

Efficient Laundry Practices: Our washing machines will only run with full loads, conserving water and energy.

Selective Fleet Washing: Our fleet will be washed only when necessary, cutting down on water usage.

Recycling Waste: We will recycle all our waste at races, utilizing foldable bins for easy sorting and disposal.

Chemical Waste Management: 100% of our chemical waste, such as batteries, will be responsibly recycled.

Hotel Recycling Guidelines: We will follow the recycling guidelines of our accommodations, ensuring we contribute to their sustainability efforts.

Reduced Air Travel: We will maximize the use of trains for travel to avoid short, polluting flights, reducing our carbon footprint.

Fuel Conservation: Irresponsible driving of team vehicles will not be tolerated. We aim to reduce our petrol consumption by 5%.

Reusing Bidons: Small plastic finish bottles will be replaced by reusable Amacx bottles, which will be cleaned and reused, moving away from the throwaway culture.

Staff member cleaning the entire fleet, which can use up o 200l per day. Image: @Moises Aguillera
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Upcoming Milestone: Tour du Suisse

We are excited to continue our sustainability plan during the Tour du Suisse. This prestigious event provides a perfect platform to demonstrate our commitment to the environment. Our efforts will be closely monitored, and we hope to inspire other teams to join us in this important mission.

As we continue our journey towards a more sustainable future, we invite you to follow our progress and support our initiatives. Stay tuned for Part 2, where we delve into the numbers, and Part 3, where we showcase the real-world impact of our initiatives.

Join the Tour de Suisse Climate Challenge

In addition to our team’s efforts, we are excited to support the Tour de Suisse climate challenge, running from June 9th to June 18th. This initiative invites fans and spectators to help reduce race emissions by replacing car mobility with bicycle rides. Participants can join a team, track their activities via Quambio, and have a chance to win cool prizes. Simply create a profile at Quambio and start contributing to a greener future. Tag your efforts with #tds2024 and #quambio on Instagram for additional chances to win.

Together, we can make a significant impact on the sport we love and the planet we share. Let’s race towards a greener future by #RacingTheFuture.

Mark Donovon drinking his post race recovery drink from a reused Bidon. Image : @Moises Aguillera