Preparing for Strade Bianche – Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team’s Course Recon

Dive into the heart of Tuscany with the Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team as they embark on a crucial course recon for the upcoming Strade Bianche race. Captured on 29 February 2024, this exclusive gallery showcases the team’s meticulous preparation and the stunning landscapes that make this race uniquely challenging and beautiful. From the undulating hills to the historic white gravel roads, experience the anticipation and strategy that go into preparing for one of cycling’s most revered competitions.

Credit: Harry Talbot
29 February 2024
Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team riders in formation during Strade Bianche course recon.
The Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team takes on the gravel roads of Tuscany during their Strade Bianche course recon

The Essence of Preparation

As we look towards the Strade Bianche race on 2 March 2024, it’s clear that success is not just about the strength on the day but the preparation that precede it. This recon in the picturesque yet demanding terrain of Tuscany is more than a practice run; it’s a testament to the dedication and teamwork of the Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team. Each kilometer explored and each strategy refined brings us closer to our goals. Join us as we continue to #RacingTheFuture.

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