SCOTT Plasma RC TT: Unleashing Speed and Innovation on Two Wheels

When it comes to pushing the boundaries of speed and aerodynamics, there’s no better exercise than riding a time trial (TT) bike. And with SCOTT’s latest masterpiece, the Plasma RC TT, they set out to accomplish one simple goal: to build the fastest bike they’ve ever made!

6 June 2023

The SCOTT engineering team embarked on a journey to create a TT bike that not only excelled in terms of sheer velocity but also delivered on other key aspects. The result? A bike that redefines what’s possible in the realm of time trial cycling.

Combining cutting-edge design, advanced technology, and meticulous attention to detail, the Plasma RC TT is a true speed demon that leaves its competitors in the dust.

The first and most crucial objective was to achieve the lowest possible drag at 55 kilometers per hour (kph). SCOTT left no stone unturned in their quest for aerodynamic perfection. Using advanced computer modeling techniques and Computational Fluid Dynamics, they meticulously analyzed and fine-tuned every tube and junction of the frame. The team collaborated with aerodynamic experts Drag2Zero and conducted wind tunnel tests to validate their designs against both the previous Plasma model and competitors.

This rigorous process allowed them to identify the most efficient combinations and shave off precious watts, gaining a competitive edge.

Increased Stability

In addition to reducing drag, SCOTT focused on increasing riding stability. They recognized that a stable bike leads to a steadier rider position, resulting in reduced drag and faster times. To achieve this, they shortened the fork offset and increased the trail by 5.2mm.

While these adjustments may not directly impact wind tunnel performance, they provide tangible benefits on the road, where real-world conditions can make or break a race.

Integration played a pivotal role in SCOTT’s pursuit of aerodynamic excellence. They developed a patented design for a slotted headset, allowing cables to run directly through the headset and achieving a narrower head tube than ever before.

This innovation eliminated the need for cable clearance around the steerer, while also facilitating easy dismantling of the fork and cockpit for travel purposes without the hassle of disconnecting cables. SCOTT’s commitment to integration ensures a sleek and streamlined bike that cuts through the wind with unparalleled efficiency.

Integrated TT cockpit

The Plasma RC TT boasts an innovative cockpit design that offers maximum adjustability to accommodate riders of all shapes and sizes. The goal was to help riders find the optimal position to minimize drag and maximize power transmission while ensuring comfort and efficiency. By incorporating 3-D geometry files based on data points collected from various athletes, SCOTT created a cockpit with interchangeable and adjustable parts. Riders can fine-tune their arm position, grip angle, arm pad placement, and extension length, among other parameters, to find the perfect balance between aerodynamics and ergonomics.

To further elevate adjustability, SCOTT introduced the SYNCROS Creston iC TT cockpit, the most flexible integrated TT cockpit on the market. It offers a range of customization options, including three different basebar sizes, adjustable mast height, vertical angle adjustment of extensions, adjustable grip angle, arm pad positioning, length adjustment, and lateral extension adjustment. With such versatility, riders can fine-tune their position to achieve optimal performance and comfort.

Lighter and Faster

The Plasma RC TT isn’t just about speed; it’s also about shedding weight without compromising stiffness or aerodynamics. The final prototype exhibited a remarkable 12% reduction in weight compared to its predecessor, setting a new benchmark in lightweight performance. This weight reduction, combined with its advanced design features, translates into tangible results on the road. On a typical 40-kilometer TT course, the Plasma RC TT can shave off an impressive 33 seconds at the same power output compared to its predecessor, as demonstrated in real-world conditions with a rider.

SCOTT’s meticulous attention to geometry and real-world usability has resulted in a bike that excels in both stability and responsiveness. Whether you’re a professional cyclist or an amateur enthusiast, the Plasma RC TT guarantees an optimal physiological and aerodynamic position that will help you achieve your best performance yet.

In short, the Plasma RC TT is a testament to SCOTT’s unwavering commitment to innovation and performance. From its cutting-edge aerodynamics to its unrivaled adjustability, this TT bike sets a new standard in speed and functionality. Whether you’re chasing personal records or aiming for the podium, the Plasma RC TT will propel you to new heights and leave your competition in awe. Strap on your helmet, grab the handlebars, and get ready to experience the exhilarating thrill of pure speed on the Plasma RC TT.

Key Features of the SCOTT Plasma RC TT:

  • Lowest possible drag at 55kph
  • Integrated headset
  • Shortened the fork offset for increased rider stability
  • Improved ergonomics and superior adjustability
  • SYNCROS Creston iC TT cockpit – the most adjustable integrated TT cockpit on the market