Revolutionizing Strength Training: The ADR Encoder as a Game-Changer for Pro-Cyclists

In the dynamic world of professional cycling, where marginal gains can make a significant difference, the integration of cutting-edge technology has become pivotal. One such groundbreaking tool that has gained traction in the training routines of pro-cyclists is the ADR Encoder.

16 November 2023

The ADR Encoder is an innovative device that measures the velocity in meters per second (m/s) during key weightlifting exercises, providing invaluable insights into a cyclist’s strength and power output.

Carles Tur, performance coach at the Q36.5 Pro Cycling team, sheds light on the transformative impact of the ADR Encoder in resistance training, a device he has been using for a number of years in his sessions.

“The ADR Encoder zeroes in on the velocity of movements during exercises like squats, deadlifts, and hip thrusts, which are fundamental for cyclists in the gym. This not only offers a reference for the intensity of the athlete’s performance but also provides an accurate measure of watts/power. The crux of the ADR Encoder lies in assessing the relationship between the weight lifted and the speed, a crucial factor for optimizing training effectiveness.” explains Tur.

Precision in Training

Carles Tur emphasizes the significance of this relationship between weight lifted and speed, stating that by staying within specific velocity boundaries, one can gauge improvements:

“If a rider claims to push 100% with a movement speed of 1m/s and 30 kilos, but in reality pushes only 20 kilos, there is room for improvement. The ADR Encoder thus acts as a mirror, reflecting the actual performance and guiding athletes toward more effective training.”

Universal Benefits for All Riders

Tur asserts that any rider can reap substantial benefits from incorporating the ADR Encoder into their training regimen. The key lies in tailoring the prescribed exercises to each rider’s specific needs. Whether a sprinter aiming to enhance strength or a climber focusing on fatigue resistance, the ADR Encoder offers a versatile tool for personalized training.

“Any rider can greatly benefit from using ADR Encoder in their training. If you’re a sprinter and have lack of strength you can train more in the boundaries of less velocity and more strength. However if a rider has a lot of strength but needs to improve his explosivity and speed we can also customize the training protocol. For a climber who needs a great deal of fatigue resistance you can also tailor the exercises to train the strength. You can put more sets or less sets, more weight of less weight, according to the goal that you want.” says Tur, who has worked with high performance athletes from triathlon as well as other sports.

Maximizing Strength Training Performances

Scientific studies support the notion that having a measuring tool, like the ADR Encoder, enhances accountability during strength training, resulting in significant gains. Carles Tur notes that the feedback from the ADR Encoder correlates with an increase in power output for each repetition. This objective feedback is crucial in pushing athletes to their limits while ensuring optimal gains without compromising on safety.

“There are scientific studies that proof that having a measuring tool allows you to hold yourself accountable during your strength training exercises and leads to bigger gains. Training the strength with the feedback from the ADR Encoder leads to an increased power output of around 20% higher for each repetition than without any feedback from velocity of power.” explains Tur.

Preventing Velocity Loss

For cyclists, especially climbers seeking power gains without muscle hypertrophy, monitoring velocity loss is paramount. The ADR Encoder aids in this by preventing a 20% loss of velocity between weightlifting sets, promoting a balance between muscle mass and strength/power. Carles Tur breaks down why this is crucial:

“Most cyclists, particularly climbers, look to increase power without adding weight through muscle hypertrophy. Physiologists have determined that if you loose 40% of velocity between weightlifting sets of repetitions the muscle will be more stressed, leading to higher hypertrophy and cortisol levels. In simple terms this means that you will develop more muscle mass but less strength/power. For a cyclist that’s not the goal so the ADR Encoder allows us to monitor this velocity loss and stop before we reach the boundaries of a 40% loss of velocity which would be detrimental to the strength session goals. This monitoring tool allows us to guide the session between sets and intra-sets.”

Critical Role in Training

Carles Tur emphatically states that training without the ADR Encoder leaves athletes in the dark 90% of the time. The device becomes a muscle-centric “heart-rate monitor”, allowing coaches and cyclists to precisely measure velocity and power output. This real-time data is instrumental in customizing training protocols, ensuring sessions are not only effective but also tailored to individual goals.

“If you’re training without it, 90% of the time you’re lost. By this I mean that in the absence of the ADR Encoder you can’t accurately measure your velocity and power output. You cannot measure the fatigue and what is happening between the sets. By allowing us to monitor the velocity of the training reps we can better customised the training protocol of a cyclist so he or she can better achieve the training goals.” concludes Tur.

User-Friendly Interface

The ADR Encoder’s dedicated app simplifies the process of extracting and analyzing data. With readings available for every rep in m/s, coaches and athletes can delve into the minutiae of their performance. Customizable alarms further enhance the user experience, alerting athletes when there’s a significant velocity loss between sets, enabling instant adjustments for optimal training outcomes.



In the relentless pursuit of excellence in professional cycling, the ADR Encoder emerges as a game-changer. Its ability to provide real-time, precise feedback revolutionizes strength training, making it an indispensable tool for coaches like Carles Tur and pro-cyclists aiming for peak performance. As technology continues to evolve, the ADR Encoder stands at the forefront, exemplifying the fusion of sports science and innovation in the world of elite cycling.