Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team unveils 2024 kit

Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team is thrilled to reveal the cutting-edge 2024 race kit, a testament to our commitment to #RacingTheFuture. Embodying the essence of our inaugural season’s premium design, this year’s official team kit boasts a sophisticated and sleek color palette.

11 January 2024

Drawing inspiration from our team’s resolute dedication to advancing the future of cycling, the second-season kit showcases a darker aesthetic with a captivating thermo-regulating pattern adorning the back. Neon accents add a dynamic touch, ensuring that our cyclists stand out with added visibility during intense racing scenarios. 

This kit represents not only a progression in design but also a symbol of our unwavering pursuit of excellence in cycling


The official 2024 Pro Team Cycling kit features Q36.5’s most advanced and sustainable RaceWear pieces: the signature R2 Jersey and Gregarius Ultra Bib Shorts. Two staples of Q36.5’s RaceWear line that have helped the team master the most difficult and challenging races and kept their body temperature at the ideal 36.5ºC – at all times. 

The Q36.5 logo takes center stage on the front of the jersey, proudly accompanied by our esteemed partners UBS, SCOTT, and SRAM. The sleeves boldly showcase the Breitling logo, exuding a sense of daring sophistication, while the upper rear shoulders display the SCOTT logo.

Embarking on our mission of #RacingTheFuture, the back panel of the jersey becomes a canvas for our team’s vision, firmly anchoring our purpose in the peloton. As a testament to innovation, Q36.5’s revolutionary body-mapping and thermoregulation technology thread seamlessly through the entire Pro Team Collection. 

The lighter grey backdrop of the jersey is complemented by the logos of UBS, Mercedes Benz, and Breitling, creating a harmonious design that underlines our powerful collaboration. Neon accents on the inside of the sleeves and side panels not only add a vibrant touch but also enhance visibility in the peloton, making our team unmistakable amidst the racing frenzy.


Nick Zukowsky will continue to don the distinctive Canadian National Champion jersey whilst Giacomo Nizzolo’s jersey is adorned with alternating sleeves featuring the European Champion and Italian National Champion bands. Finally, former Irish National Champion Rory Townsend’s jersey pays homage to his roots with the Irish flag bands gracefully adorning the sleeves, while Negasi Haylu Abreha will sport the Ethiopian National Champion bands as a former road National Champion of Ethiopia. This year’s kit is not just a uniform; it’s a vibrant narrative of individual and collective achievements, intertwining style and purpose on the cycling stage.

“Our team truly enjoyed their first-season wearing Q36.5’s technical apparel in the toughest cycling conditions culminating in 200 race days. The fact that the riders found comfort, durability, and technical functionality in Q36.5 apparel during such extensive race days speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of the brand. Enduring various weather conditions and rigorous cycling environments while maintaining comfort is crucial for optimal performance, and Q36.5 delivered on all fronts. Our 2024 team kit builds on this year’s incredible design showing increased investment from our partners and visual awareness for our riders in the neon accents whilst in close combat in the peloton,” said Doug Ryder, General Manager Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team


With only 110 grams, the Q36.5 R2 Pro Team Jersey is extremely lightweight, breathable and super fast-drying, combining 4 proprietary fabrics, produced using 70% recycled yarns and 11 patterns, all strategically placed to allow for maximum aerodynamics and thermoregulation.

The Q36.5 Pro Team Bib Shorts are equally lightweight, with 175 grams, and sport the brand’s Super Moulded Chamois, Tubular Strap System and Leg-band Finishing, all developed by their in-house R&D team for optimal RaceWear benefits and power transfer. Made from 100% recycled yarns, and like Q36.5’s entire line sourced and handcrafted within a 350 km radius of their Bolzano headquarters, they’re bringing sustainability and performance cycling clothing to the next level. UBS logo is featured on the right side of the bib short while he Q36.5 logo takes up the left side. The new model is completed with neon accents in the back that compliment the look and feel of increased visibility of the jersey.

Luigi Bergamo, CEO and Head of R&D Q36.5 explains the concept behind the new kit: “It’s inspired by our Body Mapping studies and based on our core principles of progress and innovation, our second-season Pro Team Race Kit was developed to help our athletes go beyond their own limits. We’re extremely proud to see the team’s riders benefit from our products and bring performance cycling to the next level. Together we are #RacingTheFuture.” 

The goal for our second season on the road is to build on the momentum created in our 1st year and move up the world rankings through developing more depth and quality in our talented riders to be more competitive and win more races. By leveraging areas like performance analysis and technical enhancements to continuously adapt and improve while living our mission of #RacingTheFuture.

The 2024 Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team kit is available to purchase here