Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team with strong presence at National Championships

This week marks a shift in our racing calendar as Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team takes on the National Championships across several countries. With our riders spread out from Sweden to Ethiopia, we are gearing up for an exciting week of intense competition and national pride.

19 June 2024.

Race Roster

Swedish Championships
ITT – 18/06: Tobias Ludvigsson secured a strong 2nd place finish.
Road Race – 23/06: Tobias Ludvigsson.

Polish Championships
ITT – 20/06: Kamil Malecki and Szymon Sajnok
Road Race – 23/06: Kamil Malecki and Szymon Sajnok.

Swiss Championships
ITT Elite – 20/06: Fabio Christen
Road Race – 23/06: Matteo Badilatti and Fabio Christen.
U23 Road Race – 30/06: Fabio Christen will also compete, looking to also secure the U23 category.

Spanish Championships
ITT – 21/06: David de la Cruz and Xabier Mikel Azparren
Road Race – 23/06: David de la Cruz, Xabier Mikel Azparren, and Marcel Camprubì.

German Championships
ITT – 21/06: Jannik Steimle
Road Race – 23/06: Jannik Steimle.

Ethiopian Championships
ITT – 20/06: Negasi Haylu Abreha
Road Race – 23/06: Negasi Haylu Abreha will compete, bringing his past champion experience to the race.

Italian Championships
Road Race – 23/06: Giacomo Nizzolo, Walter Calzoni, Nicolò Parisini, Matteo Moschetti, Alessandro Fancellu, Filippo Conca, and Gianluca Brambilla.

Irish Championships
Road Race – 23/06: Rory Townsend, a previous national champion, will be aiming to reclaim his title.

British Championships
Road Race – 23/06: Mark Donovan will be competing, bringing his strong form to the race.

Norwegian Championships
Road Race – 23/06: Carl Frederik Hagen.

Negasi Haylu Abreha

Unfortunately, the 2023 Canadian National Champion, Nick Zukowsky, is unable to defend his title as he is still recovering from an operation earlier this year.

As we head into this week of racing, our riders are ready to give their all in pursuit of national titles. The National Championships are always a special time of year, filled with national pride and the unique challenge of competing against the best riders in each country.

Stay tuned for updates as we strive for excellence and aim to bring home the glory. #RacingTheFuture