From Bolzano to Zurich, an interview with Q36.5 Founder Luigi Bergamo

Head of R&D at Q36.5, Luigi Bergamo takes us on a journey: From the inception of Q36.5 to the start of the Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team and the beginning of a new venture.

10 January 2023
Luigi, can you tell us what Q36.5 stands for and how the brand came to life?

Q36.5 stands for ‘Quarere’ which means researching in Latin. 36.5ºC is the optimal body temperature for any athlete. I founded Q36.5 in 2013 after decades worth of experience in the cycling industry. Back then and still now, the idea was to to build a research laboratory really, more than a commercial brand.

“All of our innovations and technologies works towards maintaining a rider’s core body temperature of 36.5C at all times.”

Every single product is designed to achieve this goal: all-year-round, in all weather conditions, during all training intensities: With Q36.5 gear, your body temperature is guaranteed to stay at its optimal level.

To achieve this we’ve developed multiple award-winning fabrics and technologies in our in-house laboratory in Bolzano, Italy.

Q36.5 - Cycling - Pro Team
Q36.5 - Cycling - Pro Team
What product reflects Q36.5’s product philosophy best?

At Q36.5, we see our equipment as a system that works within the 3 Points of Contact: The handle-bars, the saddle and the pedals.

The UNIQUE System, which consists our of the UNIQUE Bibs, Gloves and Shoes reflects that thinking in the best way: Each product is industry-disruptive by itself and covers one of these three touchpoints perfectly, but together they allow for the optimum power transfer at maximum comfort.

“The UNIQUE Bibs are our award-winning bib tights and the world’s first ergogenic, 3D ergogenic bibs: the panels are woven without seams in a one-piece garment and truly redefine performance cycling wear.”

The UNIQUE Gloves are equally disruptive with a three-dimensional, seamless and elastic palm.

The UNIQUE Shoes are the first body-mapped cycling shoes, and ensure exceptional power transfer with a toe box that gives enough room to breathe whilst being comfortable enough to push through an entire race.

How did the idea for the Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team come together?

“We’ve noticed that for years now riders were able to make significant gains and improve their performance when wearing our RaceWear.”

Innovation and progress drive us at Q36.5 to challenge the norm, to think beyond the existing. We test, we learn and re-invent. That’s how we evolve.

Our Pro Team does not only share the same values but it gives us the opportunity to further define our equipment in the harshest conditions, and together with our athletes to develop the next generation of performance-enhancing RaceWear. And for that we’re extremely excited!

Q36.5 - Cycling - Pro Team