Behind the Design – A deep-dive into the technology behind the official Pro Team Kit

We worked with Q36.5 to design the season’s hottest jersey – that will keep you cool even during the toughest rides.

10 January 2023

Handcrafted in Italy and designed for the demands of the professional peloton, our kit meets the highest standards of fit, performance and durability.

The visual elements of the team kit were heavily inspired by Q36.5’s Body Mapping studies, where they analyze the heat and sweat zones of our riders in order to develop fabrics and materials that help with optimal thermoregulation. The heat sensors in lime are used during this research & data collection process.

“Locally produced in Italy from up to 100% recycled fabrics, our Team Kit is not only redefining performance wear but also a radically responsible and sustainable approach towards product development and production.”

Luigi Bergamo, CEO & Head of R&D Q36.5

The Pro Team R2 Jersey

The Q36.5 Pro Team Jersey is based on Q36.5’s R2 model, one of the most advanced jerseys in their collection, thanks to its exceptional functionality.

Obsessively designed by studying body mapping and aerodynamic research, this jersey is characterized by combining proprietary materials strategically placed to ensure the ultimate in performance.

Highly breathable with an aerodynamic race fit, the jersey is also sustainably produced using 70% recycled materials. The attention to details sets it apart with significant features like raw cut sleeves and hidden pockets for improved aero performance and comfort.

Q36.5 - Cycling - Pro Team
Q36.5 - Cycling - Pro Team
The Pro Team Gregarius Ultra Bibs

The Gregarius Ultra Pro Team Bibs are the ultimate RaceWear bibs – sporting Q36.5’s new SM Anatomic chamois and new sartorial construction.

Featuring the Super Moulded Chamois, Q36.5’s proprietary ergonomic cut, leg-band finishing and tubolar strap construction – these bibs are meant for racing.

Q36.5 - Cycling - Pro Team