2023: A Year of Triumph and Tenacity

In 2023, the Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team demonstrated resilience, determination, and skill across a spectrum of races, from stage races and one-day events to the featuring in General Classifications.

23 October 2023


In 2023, the Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team celebrated seven victories and numerous top-10 finishes in stage races throughout the cycling calendar.

Here’s a concise breakdown of our proudest moments and accomplishments:

Victories in classics and stage-races:

Matteo Badilatti kickstarted our victory tally in stage races with an impressive win in Stage 6 of the Tour du Rwanda. Damien Howson followed suit with a Stage 1 triumph at the Vuelta Asturias. Demonstrating our versatility in one-day races, Matteo Moschetti secured exceptional victories at the Clasica de Almeria and Grand Prix d’Isbergues. Later in the season, Nicolò Parisini marked his first professional win at the CRO Race.

Consistency at the Forefront:

Both Matteo Badilatti and Matteo Moschetti displayed their prowess in the Tour of Türkiye, securing multiple top-10 placements. Nicolò Parisini further bolstered our achievements, not only claiming a win in Stage 3 of the CRO Race but also earning several other top-10 finishes in the event.

Damien Howson claimed a stunning solo win on the opening stage of Vuelta Asturias
Nicolò Parisini powered to a spectacular victory at the CRO Race on Stage
Matteo Moschetti sprinted to victory at Grand Prix d’Isbergues and claimed his second win of the season
Mark Donovan seized the overall victory of the 2023 edition of the Sibiu Cycling Tour
Matteo Moschetti sprinted to glory in Clásica de Almería seizing the first ever win for Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team

Tour of Britain Showdown:

In the Tour of Britain, both Mark Donovan and Damien Howson made us proud. Howson secured an impressive 3rd place in the General Classification, while Donovan consistently placed in the top-10. Additionally, Donovan won the Best British Rider award after finishing 5th in the GC.

National Pride:

Our riders brought immense pride to both their respective countries and our team during the National Championships. Nickolas Zukowsky stood atop the podium with his triumphant win in Canada. Similarly, Fabio Christen made us exceptionally proud by clinching 2nd place in the U23 Switzerland Road Race. Additional noteworthy performances came from Mark Donovan, Joey Rosskopf, Tobias Ludvigsson, and Filippo Conca, all of whom showcased their mettle in their respective national events.

Consistent Top-10s:

Gianluca Brambilla, Walter Calzoni, and Matteo Moschetti were among our riders who consistently made their presence felt in the top 10. Their efforts underscored our team’s depth and commitment.

Notable Mentions:

We also witnessed outstanding performances in the Vuelta a Burgos, with Damien Howson and Gianluca Brambilla leaving their mark. In the prestigious Tour de Pologne, Matteo Moschetti did us proud by securing a commendable 3rd place in Stage 4. Emerging talent Walter Calzoni showcased his potential, especially in the Tour du Rwanda. There, he not only finished as runner-up in the GC but also achieved six top-10 placings, including finishing as runner-up twice. Alessandro Fedeli’s impressive results in Eschborn-Frankfurt and the GP de Fourmies further boosted our team’s points and standing in the peloton.


• Total Wins: 7 (1x GC, 3 x Stages, 3x One day races)

• Total Podiums: (Top 3): 22

• Total Top 10 Finishes: 103

• Rider with Most Top 10 Finishes: Matteo Moschetti (10)

• Most Successful Race (Based on Top 10 Finishes): Tour of Türkiye (5 times in Top 10)

From the Saudi Tour’s sunlit roads to the challenges of the Tour of Türkiye, our team’s dedication and collective effort consistently put us at the forefront of cycling. The results of 2023 stand testament to our unwavering commitment and ambition to reach greater heights.